What Are Treadmills Used For?

What Are Treadmills Used For?

Posted by Top Sport Equipment on Dec 10th 2018

Treadmills are popular for many reason and used by a variety of different people. 

Treadmill use is great for:

  • Walking and Running when the weather outside is not convenient to be outdoors. 
  • Deciding where, when, and how you want to workout. For example, you can watch your favorite TV show when you run or read a book while you walk. 
  • A safe surface to run on as opposed to the outdoors where there are uneven surfaces and tripping hazards. 
  • Monitoring vitals and progress as you walk or run. Many treadmills are equipped with with heart rate monitors and step counters. 
  • Tracking your workout progress by controlling the time on the treadmill, the speed, the incline, or how many calories you want to burn. 

These benefits are many of the reasons why treadmills are used by professionals with physically demanding jobs, businesses, athletes, and medical clinics. 

Training gyms for the army, police stations, and fire stations may have treadmills to help individuals stay fit for their jobs. 

Businesses in the community may also use treadmills to run their business, such as running shops, orthopedic shoe shops, sports clubs, and biomechanics institutes. 

Additionally, athletes who train at olympic training centers, compete on professional sports teams and at universities with sports programs all have access to treadmills as part of their training to be the best athletes possible. 

Treadmill Running

Lastly, treadmills are used in medical facilities like hospitals, medical and physiotherapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, and institutions of higher learning like colleges and universities

Perhaps the over arching reason why treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment is because of how convenient it is to use. Whether you're a medical professional running a patient on a treadmill or an athlete training, over all health and fitness can easily be assessed while walking or running on a treadmill.

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