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Soft Tissue Traction System

soft-tissue-traction-system.jpgComponents of the pivotal therapy system may be used individually to address specific problems or integrated to form a complete system to treat the entire spine.

  • Soft tissue system - standard lumbar pivot

    Soft Tissue System - Standard Lumbar Pivot

    Lumbar Pivot (e) Promote correct lordosis for static positioning or pivot in figure-eight along with bi-directional pelvic tilts. Add a sandbag to lower the abdomen for additional extension, self mobilization, and strengthening exercises for the abdomen.

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  • Soft tissue system - standard thoracic pivot

    Soft Tissue System - Standard Thoracic Pivot

    Standard Thoracic Pivot (d) treat lower thoracic/upper lumbar dysfunction use anterior release techniques or specific rib-release techniques. Ideal posture re-training tool for patients with forward head/kyphosis slumping.

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  • Soft tissue system - short thoracic pivot

    Soft Tissue System - Short Thoracic Pivot

    Short Thoracic Pivot (c) use in combination with cervical (b) and lumbar (e) pivots, for craniosacral self treatment, as a sacral wedge for mobilization, as a rib release tool, and for sternal and anterior rib mobilization.

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  • Soft tissue system - cervical pivot

    Soft Tissue System - Cervical Pivot

    Cervical pivot point (b) useful as a substitute for gentle cervical traction. It can also be used as a self-mobilization and strengthening tool. Promotes self-release for sternocleidomastoid, upper trapezius and 1st ribs.

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  • Soft tissue system - occi-pivot

    Soft Tissue System - Occi-Pivot

    Occipivot (a) treat tension and stress syndromes, headaches, TMJ, cervical syndrome and tension at base of skull. Promotes the release of the intrinsic/extrinsic muscles of the cervical spine.

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