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Inflatable Cervical Traction

inflatable-cervical-traction.jpgFor professional and home use, inflatable cervical traction gently stretches and relaxes neck muscles for pain relief. It is a pneumatic inflatable neck traction device via a manual hand pump. This kind of cervical traction gives a comfortable stretch to the cervical spine, relaxes neck muscles, and the cervical spine realigns and rehydrates. This treatment takes the pressure off of pinched nerves and blood vessels

  • TracCollar¨ cervical traction - inflatable - for large / x-large neck

    TracCollar Cervical Traction - Inflatable

    Portable and lightweight traction collar gently stretches and relaxes muscles slightly for pain relief. For professional and home use. Does not require assembly or batteries. Fastens easily with buckles. Includes carrying case. Collar is constructed from...

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  • Pneu Neck II

    Pneu Neck II

    Provides adjustable traction therapy. Inflates slowly with air to provide a gentle stretch. Helps alleviated pressure on tight muscles, pinched nerves, neck discomfort, tension headaches and more. Soft velour cover with adjustable velcro tabs. One size...

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