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  • 3 Grip Pull-Up Bar

    3 Grip Pull-Up Bar

    The 3 Grip Pull-Up Bar accessory easily attaches to the top of the rails, allowing users to work with a percentage of their own bodyweight. The pull-up bar facilitates pull-ups in three different...

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  • BAPS Adaptor for Closed Chain Platform

    BAPS Adaptor for Closed Chain Platform

    The BAPS Adaptor provides an attachment point for Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS board) to allow controlled rehab and conditioning. This adapter allows for accurate, calibrated and...

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  • Closed Chain Platform

    Closed Chain Platform

    The Closed Chain Platform facilitates several lower body exercises, including loaded and unloaded squats and calf raises. It is ideal in the physical therapy setting and can also be used in...

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  • Deluxe Slide Distance Regulator

    Deluxe Slide Distance Regulator

    The Deluxe Slide Distance Regulator provides control and safety by enabling you to set the rolling distance of the glideboard. Users can lock the glideboard in place to assist with mounting,...

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  • Dip Bars, Retractable

    Dip Bars, Retractable

    Retractable dip bars are uniquely designed adjustable dip bars that rotates up for use, then rotates down and retracts inward to store parallel to the rails for maximum space efficiency. It allows...

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    ELEVATE Core ADJ - Core Exercise Equipment

    The ELEVATE Core ADJ is a unique piece of core exercise equipment that strengthens the abdominal muscles, while engaging the entire core musculature. This versatile abdominal exercise equipment is...

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  • ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package

    ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package

    Add the full functionality of Pilates to your ELEVATE Encompass machine with the comprehensive Pilates Accessory Package. Pilates movements increase reach, flexibility and core control with low joint...

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  • ELEVATE Encompass Strength Package

    ELEVATE Encompass Strength Package

    Add the Strength Package to your ELEVATE Encompass machine to add additional strength training exercises to help develop increased muscle mass, tone and definition. The Strength Package comes with 5...

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  • ELEVATE Jump

    ELEVATE Jump - Improves Explosive Jumping Power

    The ELEVATE Jump is an exercise machine that builds explosive power and develops lower body muscle mass with two primary movements, the squat and the squat jump. It is uniquely designed to facilitate...

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