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Gym Equipment

gym-equipment-weight-machines.jpgOur gym equipment can be used as home gym equipment or in medical clinics for rehabilitation. We offer weight machines, free weights, weight benches, and gym equipment accessories. Whatever your fitness goals are our products are top of the line products that will help you reach your fitness and health goals. 

  • Dip Bars, Retractable

    Dip Bars, Retractable

    Retractable dip bars are uniquely designed adjustable dip bars that rotates up for use, then rotates down and retracts inward to store parallel to the rails for maximum space efficiency. It allows users to do dip exercises to target the triceps and...

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    ELEVATE Core ADJ - Core Exercise Equipment

    The ELEVATE Core ADJ is a unique piece of core exercise equipment that strengthens the abdominal muscles, while engaging the entire core musculature. This versatile abdominal exercise equipment is simple, intuitive and accommodating of all fitness levels...

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  • ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package

    ELEVATE Encompass Pilates Package

    Add the full functionality of Pilates to your ELEVATE Encompass machine with the comprehensive Pilates Accessory Package. Pilates movements increase reach, flexibility and core control with low joint compression. The physical and mental benefits of...

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  • ELEVATE Encompass Strength Package

    ELEVATE Encompass Strength Package

    Add the Strength Package to your ELEVATE Encompass machine to add additional strength training exercises to help develop increased muscle mass, tone and definition. The Strength Package comes with 5 accessories which includes the Press Bar, Squat Handle...

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  • ELEVATE Jump

    ELEVATE Jump - Improves Explosive Jumping Power

    The ELEVATE Jump is an exercise machine that builds explosive power and develops lower body muscle mass with two primary movements, the squat and the squat jump. It is uniquely designed to facilitate plyometric jumping exercises leveraging both linear...

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  • ELEVATE Press

    ELEVATE Press - Shoulder Press Machine

    The ELEVATE Press is a commercial shoulder press machine that introduces an entirely new way to do a shoulder press. The ELEVATE Press places users in an inverted position, unloading the lower back and reducing spinal compression. Seven adjustable levels...

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  • ELEVATE Pull-Up

    ELEVATE Pull-Up - Incline Pull-Up Machine

    The ELEVATE Pull Up is built on an adjustable incline allowing users to select a percentage of their own bodyweight to pull. With seven incline levels to select from, this unique station rivals most lat machines by allowing users to lift anywhere from 35...

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  • ELEVATE Row; 2 adjust, folding

    ELEVATE Row - Rowing Machine; 2 adjust, folding

    The ELEVATE Row is a rower that emulates a rowing movement on an incline to produce a full body workout. Using adjustable bodyweight resistance, it integrates a strength component into a traditional cardio machine. Simple and fun to use, the ELEVATE Row...

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  • ELEVATE Row ADJ; Multi-adjust, non-folding

    ELEVATE Row ADJ; Multi-adjust, non-folding

    The ELEVATE Row ADJ is a rower that emulates a rowing movement on an incline to produce a full body workout. It features seven levels of adjustable bodyweight resistance to integrate an adjustable strength component into a traditional cardio machine...

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  • Encompass

    Encompass - Recovery Series

    The Encompass recreates and strengthens the way the body executes daily physical activities and stores those functions in the muscle memory. This allows the patient to recover more productively and more functionally using their own bodyweight as...

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