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Tiger Tail

  • Knotty Tiger

    Knotty Tiger

    The Knotty Tiger is powerful massage tool that is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand. It features a non-slip grip and three trigger point curves to apply differing amounts of...

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  • The Big One

    The Big One

    The Big One is a sleek and powerful foam roller. It can easily break up knots and release tightness in the muscles. The super sturdy design features a rigid hollow core and a thick foam construction.

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  • The Curve Ball

    The Curve Ball

    The Curve Ball is a stationary foam roller that is designed for stable and controlled deep tissue muscle massages. It features a flat orange base that won?t slide around during massages. It stays in...

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  • The Strappy Tiger

    The Strappy Tiger

    The Strappy Tiger is an inventive accessory that elevates the foam rolling experience into a more focused, muscle massage and myofascial release. The exclusive, curved massage surface features a firm...

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  • Tiger Ball 1.7

    Tiger Ball 1.7

    The Tiger Ball 1.7 Massage-On-A-Rope is perfect for massaging smaller muscles such as the feet. Simply lean up against a wall or lie down on the ground and press away. The Tiger Ball...

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  • Tiger Ball 5.0

    Tiger Ball 5.0

    The Tiger Ball 5.0 is a lightweight foam roller ball. It is great for travel, and perfect for bigger muscle groups, such as hips, glutes, back, and shoulders. The massage surface of the ball provides...

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