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  • Squat Handle Bar

    Squat Handle Bar

    The Squat Handle Bar provides increased stability and control of the glideboard during weighted squats by utilizing the Weight Bar attachment. When used in a physical therapy setting, the Squat Handle Bar also allows patients to self-stabilize.

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  • Deluxe Slide Distance Regulator

    Deluxe Slide Distance Regulator

    The Deluxe Slide Distance Regulator provides control and safety by enabling you to set the rolling distance of the glideboard. Users can lock the glideboard in place to assist with mounting, dismounting and positioning. Users can also customize the...

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  • Closed Chain Platform

    Closed Chain Platform

    The Closed Chain Platform facilitates several lower body exercises, including loaded and unloaded squats and calf raises. It is ideal in the physical therapy setting and can also be used in combination with other products. This functional training...

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  • Weight Bar

    Weight Bar

    Take your Total Gym workouts to the next level with the weight bar accessory. The weight bar adds increased resistance to your exercise program by allowing for the addition of plate weights to the glideboard. Weights are not included.

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  • Standing Platform

    Standing Platform

    The Standing Platform facilitates proper body alignment during Pilates and other exercises while it provides dynamic instability toward improving balance, flexibility and coordination. Attached to the base of Total Gym rails, users can place one foot on...

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  • Telescoping Toe Bar

    Telescoping Toe Bar

    Telescoping Toe Bar facilitates many beginning, intermediate, and advanced Pilates movements. Like traditional Pilates reformer equipment, the Telescoping Toe Bar facilitates upper body, lower body, torso stretching and strengthening. The Toe Bar is a...

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  • Scrunch


    The Scrunch Accessory facilitates simple to advanced progression of abdominal workouts that lengthen and sculpt abdominals and oblique muscles. Differing from other ab crunch equipment, the Scrunch Accessory supports proper posture, stabilizes the upper...

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  • Press Bar

    Press Bar

    The Press Bar attachment allows users to perform military press or shoulder press with both wide and narrow ergonomic grips to target the upper back, shoulders and triceps. The Press Bar attaches to the bottom rails of the Total Gym incline trainer...

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  • 3 Grip Pull-Up Bar

    3 Grip Pull-Up Bar

    The 3 Grip Pull-Up Bar accessory easily attaches to the top of the rails, allowing users to work with a percentage of their own bodyweight. The pull-up bar facilitates pull-ups in three different grip positions for maximum variability. The 3 Grip Pull-up...

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