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emergency-transportation-equipment.jpgEmergency transportation products help EMS personnel safely lift and transport injured patients to medical locations.

  • Aluminum Scoop Stretcher-Silver

    Aluminum Scoop Stretcher-Silver

    The Emergency Medical Scoop Stretcher is ideal for transporting patients with fractures or injuries to a safe environment. It features a breakaway hinge mechanism at each end of the stretcher, with a button that can be pushed to separate the scoop...

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  • Portable Transport Unit, Gray, 14 Handles

    Portable Transport Unit, Gray, 14 Handles

    The Portable Transport Unit is ideal for those who are limited on space and need a way to evacuate or move patients from one area to another. This high-quality stretcher is made from a durable, fluid-resistant, non-woven polypropylene spun-bond...

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  • Flat Folding Stretcher,Aluminium, Orange

    Flat Folding Stretcher,Aluminium, Orange

    The Flat Folding Stretcher is reinforced with two steel bars that accommodate heavy patient transports. It can be folded away for easy storage in any ambulance or emergency evacuation storage cabinet. The flat folding stretcher is very quick and easy to...

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  • Deluxe Heavy Duty Stair Chair-2Wheel-Yellow

    Deluxe Heavy Duty Stair Chair-2Wheel-Yellow

    The Deluxe Heavy-Duty Emergency Evacuation 2-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2? tubular frame in bright yellow for easy visibility. It features two 4.5? rear wheels that make easier transportation on most surfaces. Front and back handles provide...

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  • Stair Chair-4 Wheel-Blue

    Stair Chair-4 Wheel-Blue

    The 4-wheel standard medical emergency evacuation stair chair was designed with extra 2 front heavy-duty wheels to assist with transporting individuals easier, faster and safer. The standard 4-inch rear wheels, front extending support handles, rear...

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  • Manual Track Stair Chair-4 Wheels-Yellow

    Manual Track Stair Chair-4 Wheels-Yellow

    The Manual Emergency Evacuation Track Stair Chair offers superior quality and provides mobility solutions when needed the most. This easy to use, cost effective design provides safe transportation of patients up and down stairs. It has two rear tracks...

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  • Stair Chair-2 Wheel-Orange

    Stair Chair-2 Wheel-Orange

    The Emergency Evacuation Standard 2-wheel stair chair, comes with a heavy-duty orange vinyl protective cover that is durable and easy to clean. It features 3 heavy duty quick release restraint straps to secure individuals during transport or while moving...

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