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Balance Shapes

balance-shapes.jpgShapes for balance and vestibular training.

  • Tumble Forms¨ balance beam

    Tumble Forms balance beam

    Six-foot reversible beam is covered with durable, sturdy Tumble Forms 2 nonslip surface. May be positioned so width is 3" or 6". Top is 7" from the floor. 200 lb wt. capacity. Weighs 28 lbs. Latex free.

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  • Tumble Forms¨ Turtle

    Tumble Forms Turtle

    Deluxe Turtle Therapy System is ideal for any clinical program, the Deluxe Turtle is a complete therapy system designed for vestibular stimulation and sensory integration therapy. Maximum weight 250 lbs. Includes: Rocking Turtle dome, Padded scooter,...

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  • Tumble Forms¨ barrel roll

    Tumble Forms barrel roll

    For vestibular training, position child on top of barrel and "roll." Use barrel as a tunnel for play therapy or to practice crawling. Soft outer shell for comfort with solid core support to prevent collapse. Roll is 2 feet long with 22" outside / 11"...

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