What is Cold Compression Therapy?

What is Cold Compression Therapy?

Posted by Top Sport Equipment on Dec 12th 2018

Cold Compression Therapy is simply the combination of cold therapy and compression therapy to aid an individual in the healing and recovery process from injuries. 

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy (also know as cryotherapy) is applying cold to an injury to decrease inflammation (swelling) which in turn promotes healing. Additionally, the application of cold can have a numbing affect on an injury thus reducing pain. 

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is the act of gently and comfortably compressing a limp (most often legs) to support veins in order to increase blood circulation in the lower extremities. Compression is accomplished by using graduated compression socks. Graduated means that the strongest compression (or support) is in the ankles and then gradually the compression (or support) decreases towards the to of the compression socks.

The benefits of compression therapy is increased blood flow. Increased blood flow carries away waste products from an injury and provides rich oxygenated blood to an injury to help with healing and recovery. Compression also helps reduce inflammation.

Combining Cold and Compression Therapy

Cold Compression Therapy

Combining cold therapy and compression therapy is giving an injury double the treatment to encourage healing and recovery. Cold Compression Therapy can be accomplished in a number of ways. The simplest way is by using Uriel Ice and Go Bandage that can be wrapped around an injury to create compression and then a cold pack can be applied for cold therapy. Another method is to use a cold compression therapy device that is a machine that has a wrap or a cuff that is wrapped around a body part (hand, ankle, knee). The wrap then provides pneumatic compression via the machine. Along with this the wrap also circulates cold water around the body part that is injured. This combines the two therapies into one.

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