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Cervical traction is a treatment used by physical therapist to treat neck pain and injuries related to the spine and neck. Cervical traction gently pulls the head away from the neck to expand the neck and spin which then eliminates compression. This treatment is used as an alternative treatment to medication and surgery. 

In physical therapy offices advanced equipment called clinic traction decompression tables can be used to apply a treatment called spinal decompression therapy. A patient who then benefits from this treatment can maintain the benefits of this by using home use over the door traction which can be conveniently used at home. Along with this, we offer many options for at home use traction devices.

Another form of traction employed by medical professionals is hip traction which takes pressure off the hip joint. This kind of treatment can be done in a clinic or at home with a leg traction at home device

  • HipTracª Long Axis Hip Traction HipTracª Long Axis Hip Traction

    HipTrac Long Axis Hip Traction

    The HipTrac Long Axis Hip Traction is a pneumatic traction unit that uses pressurized air via a hand pump. This device provides in clinic or at home traction for patients with hip joint issues. HipTrac provides natural pain relief for hip...

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  • NeckPro II¨

    NeckPro II

    NeckPro II significantly reduces neck pain and is easy-to-use at home. Unlike other cervical traction devices, which may rely on water-bags or heavy weights to create the therapeutic tension, the NeckPro II relies on a simple cord device. With every pull...

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  • Pneu Neck II

    Pneu Neck II

    Provides adjustable traction therapy. Inflates slowly with air to provide a gentle stretch. Helps alleviated pressure on tight muscles, pinched nerves, neck discomfort, tension headaches and more. Soft velour cover with adjustable velcro tabs. One size...

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  • Posture Pump 2500 Penta

    Posture Pump Penta Vec 2500

    With the lower spine under EED¨ (Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression), the lumbosacral region is gently though powerfully translated along the Y-axis and simultaneously rotated and unwound on the X-axis. This unique blend of five simultaneous force...

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  • Pronex I cervical traction - regular (14 to 16" neck)

    Pronex I Cervical Traction

    Pronex cradles the head and neck on two soft foam cushions. One cushion supports the back of the head and the other rests against the top of the shoulders. An air-inflated bellows between the foam cushions provides up to 35 lbs of continuously adjustable...

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  • Saunders 3-D ActiveTrac

    Saunders 3-D ActiveTrac - 6 Color Choices

    Saunders 3-D ActiveTrac¨ adjusts in 3 dimensions: flexion/extension, lateral bending and rotation. Table accommodates the pain posture of the patient and allows a tailored therapy cross between manual therapy and mechanical traction. Table...

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