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  • Flowin¨ Physio Exerciser

    Flowin Physio Exerciser

    The FLOWIN Physio Niveus Board is developed with professionals in mind, including physiotherapists. The FLOWIN Physio Niveus Board is smaller in size than the other Flowin Boards which makes it ideal...

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  • Flowin¨ Pro Exerciser

    Flowin Pro Exerciser

    The FLOWIN Pro Niveus Board is a stiff, non-foldable board suitable for use in a stationary environment such as a home, studio, or gym environment.

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  • Flowin¨ Sport Exerciser

    Flowin Sport Exerciser

    The FLOWIN Sport Board is a non-stiff, rollable, and portable board suitable for home and travelling. The FLOWIN Sport Board comes in a travel case for easy transportation, and easily fits into...

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